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Find the perfect accommodation for your next business trip in seconds, based on your unique requirements and independent guest reviews.

Updated: Jun 20

Artifcial Intelligence has caused quite a stir, but to truly understand the value of how much time you can save, you really need to experience this for yourself. It will take less than 5 minutes of your time.

See how AI can revolutionize your life by requesting a DIY demo in 3 easy steps:

  1. Visit

  2. Complete the contact form with “DEMO” in the Subject field.

  3. We will send you instructions via e-mail or WhatsApp.

Why is it so time consuming to find quality accommodation?

The answer is simple: Becasue most search engines tries to be everything to everybody and deliver too much information. So if you do what most people do, which is to start with familiar booking platforms or your favourite search engine to see available accommodation options, then you have most likely experienced some or all of the below issues.


Overwhelming Amount of Information:

The vast number of options can be overwhelming, especially from sponsored listings in the results which are not relevant to your unique requirements and can be extremely time-consuming to filter or sift through.

Inconsistent Information:

Information from different sources can sometimes be inconsistent or outdated, leading to confusion or incorrect expectations.

Algorithm Bias: 

Search results can be influenced by paid advertisements and algorithms, prioritizing listings that may not be the best match for the user. 

Biased Reviews:

Reviews can sometimes be fake or biased, either overly positive or negative, which can mislead potential guests. 

Lack of Personal Touch:

Online searches and booking platforms lack the personalized recommendations and insights that a travel agent or direct contact with accommodation providers or hosts might provide.

And the biggest problem is that the booking platform or seach engine you still need to compile a short-list of potential options, which meet your requirements, then you will need to visit various websites to compare amenities and photos. Thereafter you should at least read a couple of reviews for each option from multiple independent platforms, in order to confirm whether you are dealing with a credible guesthouse or host.


What if you could receive a list of relevant accommodation options in seconds, based on your requirements and where you need to be for business as well as a real-time summary of current guest reviews from independent platforms (like Tripadvisor,, Airbnb, etc.)?

Richtershuyz Guesthouse in Brooklyn, Pretoria has been in operation since 2009 and can be booked directly or via as part of the Airbnb Superhost Community. 

To make a reservation or confirm accommodation availability at Richtershuyz in Brooklyn, Pretoria, click here.

WhatsApp Chat with Richtershuyz Guesthouse.

Join the Richtershuyz community for news and promotions.

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